2008 Olympic Wrap-up

One masters swimmer was in Bejing to report on the proceedings earlier this month. Brett Rutemiller has swum for both Brophy and Sun Devil Masters in the past, but another role he played was a reporter. Luckily for him, he got assigned to Beijing to cover the Olympics.

Hard duty that.

You can see the "hardships" he had to endure on this journey by going here. It's an eleven-part series called "To Beijing and Back." When you have a moment sit back, watch, and enjoy.

Now if you were so excited you could not keep track of all the results, you can go here to read all of them. This is a great summary of all the races from prelims to finals. Good stuff!

Swimming World Magazine will be on hiatus until early September while the crew takes a very well-deserved break. They will be back though so keep them in your favorites.


Who Gave Most Inspiring Olympic Performance?

Now that the games of the XXIX Olympiad are officially over, one Tucson business owner is sponsoring a contest to determine who gave the most inspiring performance in Beijing, and why.

Andrew Clark, exercise physiologist and owner of Performance Fitness, an executive training facility, announced the contest today. Submissions must be in writing, up to 500 words, double spaced. The contestant who persuades Performance Fitness judges that their nominee gave the most inspiring performance at the Summer Olympics will win a free, 30-minute personal training session at Performance Fitness. The winner will be announced in Performance Fitness’ electronic newsletter to members.

“I was personally inspired by a number of different performances at these Olympics and I think Tucsonans will have a variety of opinions on this subject,” said Clark. “I’m a firm believer that motivation drives fitness performance and this is just a fun opportunity for Tucsonans to share who on the world stage inspires them most.”

The deadline for submissions is September 15, 2008. Contestants are invited to submit their nominations using the link provided at www.performancefitnesstucson.com. Or, they can drop off typewritten, double-spaced entries to Performance Fitness, 2951 N. Swan Rd., Suite 101 (at Fort Lowell and Swan, behind Gadabout Man.) Multiple submissions will be accepted (for those who can’t decide!)

For more information, contact Andrew Clark at 325-5455.


Old Suit Collection

A while back, I posted an article about a suit donation program that was started by a swimmer to make quilts for the homeless. Well, there is a good deal of interest in this program here in Arizona and we are getting involved. One of our swimmers, Whitney Warman from Sun Devil Masters, is collecting suits and sending them in. If you have an old worn-out suit, send Whitney an email to coordinate a time to donate your suit.

We will look at other ways to expand this program. All of us have at least one old suit that we don't need. Why not donate it and put it to good use?


LCM Nationals Wrapup

One of our members wrote about Long Course Nationals from the comfort of his home in Phoenix. Jeff Commings is not only a record-breaking swimmer, he is a writer for Swimming World Magazine. So while the National Team was up in Portland swimming and sweating, Jeff wrote about the event here, here, here, and here.

Its almost as if he was there...

So if you want a comprehensive overview of what happened at Nationals, give these articles a read. Thanks Jeff for writing these articles and posting them. Next time we will have to have you on the team so you can witness everything for yourself.


World Record Relay

The 2008 Olympics have provided a host of records and thrilling swims. However, a different World Record Relay was set the other day in Paradise Valley. Former Olympian Florencia Szigeti was a part of it along with over 200 other swimmers.

Go here to find our more details on this event. There is a video embedded on that webpage you can view as well.


Ron Johnson Speaks

Not long ago, former Sun Devil Masters Coach Ron Johnson was interviewed by the Arizona Republic. Click here to read his thoughts.

Its good to see Ron has lost none of his wit or insight when it comes to swimming.


LCM Nationals Results

Well, the results are in from Long Course Nationals in Portland, OR. Despite the record heat, the Arizona National Team did very well and had some outstanding swims. The pool was fast and we all had a great time. Here are the final results:

1 Oregon Masters 4941
2 Pacific Northwest Aquatics 1277
3 Arizona Masters 1234
4 Fort Lauderdale Aquatics 1063.5
5 Walnut Creek Masters 1018.5
6 The Olympic Club 999
7 Colorado Masters Swimming 718
8 San Diego Swim Masters 591
9 Unattached 575
10 Virginia Masters Swim Team 555

Our team was within 43 points of getting second place. To put this into perspective, Pacific Northwest Aquatics is the LMSC directly north of Portland and they sent over eighty swimmers. We brought less than half that number...

Everybody had a great time and there were some outstanding swims. Go here for the complete results if you need more details. Long story short, Arizona did VERY well up in Portland.


Year Three!

The blog is now three years old!

Wow time goes by fast...it was just yesterday that we got this started.

Thanks for all of you for reading and contributing articles, links, and other useful information.

The next three years will be even better.


Free Preview

Courtesy of Swimming World Magazine...
PHOENIX, Arizona, August 4. THIS special Swimming World Magazine issue marks the second time that Sports Publications International has published a digital-only version of the magazine, allowing every swim fan throughout the world to download it for FREE.

Download FREE 2008 Olympic Games Preview here.

This one-of-a-kind issue, featuring Michael Phelps on the cover, is your best resource leading into the Olympic Games. The issue offers complete Event-by-Event Previews of all the pool swimming races, written by senior writer John Lohn. Steven Munatones rounds out the swimming events by telling us what to expect in his 10K Marathon Preview article.

The issue also features an article on the Top 10 Olympic Moments by Jeff Commings. Commings takes us back in time to relive historic moments in swimming, including Dawn Fraser's back-to-back-to-back gold-medal performances in the women's 100 free; Team USA's shocking win in the women's 4 x 100 meter freestyle relay over the drug-laced East Germans at the 1976 Olympics; and Janet Evans' record-breaking 400 meter free in Seoul.

For those traveling to Beijing, you'll have to read The Beijing Experience, which was written by Beijing resident Darryn Salt. For those staying home, you will enjoy reading Erica Ellis' article, All Eyes Are on the Cube, about the Olympic aquatic facility.

Ellis offers two additional stories in this issue. The first is entitled A "Clear" Concern, which discusses the challenges faced by the Olympic athletes due to the poor Beijing air quality. The next is called There's More Than Meets The Eye, which unravels the clever reason as to why there are five mascots for the Beijing Olympics.
There is more so check out this special issue.


Take me out to the ball game, again!

The last baseball game social was so successful, we are going to have another one! We have secured discounted tickets for two games in the late summer. Mark your calendars for these events:
Two sections of Chase Field have been reserved for this event
To purchase your tickets:
For questions or additional information, please contact Ashley Long at 602-462-4230. See you at the ball game!


Know When to say When

Paul Smith sent out a very interesting article from the current issue of Bicycling Magazine by Chris Carmichael (best known as Lance Armstrong’s coach) on tapering. This is an appropriate subject for all swimmers who compete, so read this:
"Training can be a lot like drinking booze: to have a great time you need to know when to stop. In the week leading up to a race or event, athletes can do more to undermine their training than they can to enhance it. Just like that 'one more' drink, it’s the prospect of getting a little extra something that lands you in trouble. Mental-health professionals say that sometimes the tendency to have 'one too many' is rooted in insecurity, and in my experience that's exactly what drives athletes to make mistakes in the week leading to an important challenge."
If you are going to Portland, keep this in mind...

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