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PHOENIX, Arizona, August 4. THIS special Swimming World Magazine issue marks the second time that Sports Publications International has published a digital-only version of the magazine, allowing every swim fan throughout the world to download it for FREE.

Download FREE 2008 Olympic Games Preview here.

This one-of-a-kind issue, featuring Michael Phelps on the cover, is your best resource leading into the Olympic Games. The issue offers complete Event-by-Event Previews of all the pool swimming races, written by senior writer John Lohn. Steven Munatones rounds out the swimming events by telling us what to expect in his 10K Marathon Preview article.

The issue also features an article on the Top 10 Olympic Moments by Jeff Commings. Commings takes us back in time to relive historic moments in swimming, including Dawn Fraser's back-to-back-to-back gold-medal performances in the women's 100 free; Team USA's shocking win in the women's 4 x 100 meter freestyle relay over the drug-laced East Germans at the 1976 Olympics; and Janet Evans' record-breaking 400 meter free in Seoul.

For those traveling to Beijing, you'll have to read The Beijing Experience, which was written by Beijing resident Darryn Salt. For those staying home, you will enjoy reading Erica Ellis' article, All Eyes Are on the Cube, about the Olympic aquatic facility.

Ellis offers two additional stories in this issue. The first is entitled A "Clear" Concern, which discusses the challenges faced by the Olympic athletes due to the poor Beijing air quality. The next is called There's More Than Meets The Eye, which unravels the clever reason as to why there are five mascots for the Beijing Olympics.
There is more so check out this special issue.

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