National Team - Austin

This year, Arizona Masters is going to send a large contingent to Short Course Nationals in Austin, TX. It is comprised of forty-nine men and women who will be a part of one of larger teams at the meet.

My guess is another top ten result for this team is likely.

In four week's time, these individuals will put their training to the test against over 1800 swimmers from all over the US. If you see any of these people, be sure to wish them good luck in their events.

They will probably have a good time in Austin too...

Here is our 2008 Short Course Nationals Team:

Hop Bailey
Monica M Bailey
Ray Bellem
A J Bronson
Patrick W Brundage
Brigid J Bunch
Kelly C Busche
Rane Clements
Jeff P Commings
Rick H Cosgrove
Grace C Dyck
Mel Dyck
Peter A Eisenklam
F H Ted Haartz
Paul A Hafner
Brad V Hering
Laura L Hernandez
W. Thomas Hickcox
Mark D Hickman
Liz A Hobbs
Blake A Holden
Tate Holt
Al Jaegers
Jacqueline E Jenner
Charles H Keating
Brock Ladewig
James T Lavery
Jeff G Leid
Becki P Major
Joanne C Menard
Glenn D Mills
John J Murphy
Bridget A Pranke
Stephanie S Rollins
Barry Roth
Caron L Shake
Scott D Shake
Lou Silverstein
Jason M Sixkiller
Casey Smith
John C Smith
Laura K Smith
Paul L Smith
Mickey M Stillwell
Jim S Stites
Nancy J Turman
Whitney M Warman
Michelle B Worden
Dianne L Wygal-Springer

Good luck to everybody in Austin!

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