LCM Nationals Results

Well, the results are in from Long Course Nationals in Portland, OR. Despite the record heat, the Arizona National Team did very well and had some outstanding swims. The pool was fast and we all had a great time. Here are the final results:

1 Oregon Masters 4941
2 Pacific Northwest Aquatics 1277
3 Arizona Masters 1234
4 Fort Lauderdale Aquatics 1063.5
5 Walnut Creek Masters 1018.5
6 The Olympic Club 999
7 Colorado Masters Swimming 718
8 San Diego Swim Masters 591
9 Unattached 575
10 Virginia Masters Swim Team 555

Our team was within 43 points of getting second place. To put this into perspective, Pacific Northwest Aquatics is the LMSC directly north of Portland and they sent over eighty swimmers. We brought less than half that number...

Everybody had a great time and there were some outstanding swims. Go here for the complete results if you need more details. Long story short, Arizona did VERY well up in Portland.

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