From the Officials Point of View

From Judy Gillies, Delegate to USMS Convention

Since US Masters is hosting the XI World Championship at Stanford, August 4-17 FINA has made some rule changes that we all need to know about. FINA is the governing body for world swimming events. These rule changes were accepted by USA Swimming and Masters at the USMS Convention and went into effect on Sept. 21st, 2005. That is 60 days after FINA approved them. They are:

Breaststroke: Rule 101.2, kick 101.2.3: After the start and after each turn, a single downward butterfly (dolphin) kick followed by a breaststroke kick is permitted while wholly submerged. Following which, all movements of the legs shall be simultaneous and in the same horizontal plane without alternating movement.

Interpretation: This just now allows one dolphin kick during the underwater part of the stroke at the start and after each turn. This dolphin kick must follow the start of the pull or at the end of the pull down, while underwater. It must be followed by a breaststroke kick that then brings the swimmer to the surface.

Backstroke Start Rule 101.1.2: All courses- The swimmers shall line up in the water facing the starting end with both hands placed on the gutter or on the starting grips. Standing in or on the gutter, placing the toes over the lip of the gutter or bending the toes over the lip of the gutter before or after the start is prohibited. A backstroke starting block may not be used.

Interpretation: FINA has flat pool walls, with no gutters. The toes are now allowed to be out of the water, because sometimes the water level is too low to have them under the water. In pools with gutters, the toes are still NOT allowed to be curled over the gutter.

If you read the rule book, there are some word changes to the backstroke turn. However, the turn must still be executed in the same manner, and it will be officiated the same as in the past.

Reminder: Just a reminder that over a year ago a rule was accepted that watches are not to be worn during competition. We did have some swimmers in AZ DQ’ed for this at the LC National Meet in Mission Viejo. Please remember to remove your watch before swimming.

As always, if you have any questions about rules, please feel free to ask an official before your event.


New Newsgroups!

Arizona Masters now has some newsgroups that you can be a part of. These sites are another way swimmers from both Arizona and throughout the internet can communicate about our sport. The goal is to share information that will help masters swimming continue to grow and thrive in Arizona.

Here are the links. They are also linked on the right-hand side of the main page.
Anybody can join these groups, which will allow you to post messages and engage in other activities. Check out each newsgroup for additional information. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming newsgroup events!


Important Notice

This message comes from the President of US Masters Swimming. It deals with the upcoming LatyCar Championship meet and the penalties for participating in this event.

To LMSC Chairs, USMS House of Delegate members, and other interested parties;

Please be advised USMS has been notified by Orban Mendoza (President of ASUA/UANA) that members who participate in the ALL AMERICAS LatyCar Championships could be subject to suspension for a minimum period of one year according to FINA Rule GR.4.5. FINA GR4 deals with unauthorized relations, the text can be found at
www.fina.org/rules/GR/rules_gr1.htm#4 .

At this time we do not know definitively what actions, if any, will be taken by FINA, ASUA or LATyCAR. Dale Neuburger (USAS President and FINA Bureau Vice President), Rob Copeland (USMS President) and other USMS leaders continue to lobby for our members to participate in this event without adverse impact to their eligibility. However, it is our responsibility to inform our members of possible consequences. If you know of any of Masters athletes who are registered for this event, please pass this information on to them. Also, inform your athletes that after conversations with the meet organizer the event will proceed as planned.

We will continue to work towards finding a compromise solution that is in the best interests of USMS and our members. I will communicate any further developments via follow-up emails.

Rob Copeland
President - United States Masters Swimming

If you are planning on attending this meet you may want to change your plans. Additional questions should be sent to the USMS National Office for clarification. Their website can be found here.


New Treasurer!

Arizona Masters has a new Treasurer! While we are sad to see Audra Troccko leave for Michigan, we are glad we found somebody to assume her duties. Here is a little bit about Gregg in his own words...

Gregg Smith is an 8 year resident of Phoenix. Gregg moved here in 1997 from Chicago - where he was born and lived his whole life. Seeking a change, Gregg moved to Phoenix leaving behind the cold winters and hectic life of Chicago. In Chicago, Gregg swam age group thru high school but never continued swimming in college. Gregg earned a bachelors degree in Marketing and Computer Management from Eastern Illinois University in 1992 and has been working in the Information Systems and technology field ever since. Gregg is currently working as an engineer with IBM and loves his job designing and implementing wireless email solutions. In December of 2003 Gregg went to his first USMS practice as a part of the Phoenix Sunfish swim team and has been swimming with them ever since. Gregg has been one of the co-captains of the team and is currently the team treasurer. In the past two years Gregg has been to the IGLA Championships and swam at the Swimming Hall Of Fame pool in Ft Lauderdale and the Olympic pool in Atlanta. Gregg is glad to be involved in swimming again and has been looking to find his 'place' in Arizona Masters. Gregg is excited about the opportunity to volunteer with AZ LMSC and work with the other members of the board. In his spare time Gregg enjoys running, swimming(duh), electronic gadgets/gizmos, listening to podcasts, traveling and watching reality tv.

Welcome aboard Gregg!


Upcoming Mentor Clinics

From Simon Percy, Coach of Sun Devil Masters:

Arizona Masters is going to present a series of Mentor Stroke Clinics in the upcoming months. These will be presented by Ron Johnson and hosted at ASU's Student Recreational Center.

Ron is a legend of Masters and World Swimming. He has coached 14 Olympic Medallists and 29 Olympic Finalists. During his tenure as ASU head coach he was the NCAA Coach of the Year and coached countless NCAA Finalists and All Americans. As a Masters coach he has been the USMS Coach of the Year and holds numerous USMS World Records. His 50 Years of coaching experience make him one of the most experienced coaches alive. His enduring passion for the sport makes him one of the best-informed clinician around.

Each clinic will consist of classroom discussion, pool sessions, and video taping. Here are the scheduled dates for the upcoming clinics.


October 8, 2005 Freestyle
November 5, 2005 Backstroke
December 3, 2005 Breastroke
January 7, 2006 Butterfly

If you wish, you can sign up for all four clinics (the "whole caboodle" plan).


USMS Members $30.00 per clinic
Non USMS Members $38.00 per clinic
“The whole caboodle” USMS Members $100.00
“The whole caboodle” Non USMS Members $132.00

Priority will go to USMS members first, ahead of non-USMS members.
Class size will be limited to 40 participants per clinic.

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