Check-off Challenge

The following is information on the annual check-off challenge, which is a postal meet where you check-off the events that you have swum. Here is the announcement from the event coordinators:

USMS Coaches and Swimmers,

Federal Way Kings Masters Swimmers are excited to sponsor the 2006 Check-off Challenge with a Latin theme of "Veni, Vidi, Swimi - I came, I saw, I swam it all." We invite all workout groups to integrate the Check-off Challenge into your goals and workout plans. Don't forget that you still have until the end of 2005 to complete the 2005 challenge of Mission IM Possible. If you haven't purchased your 2005 shirt yet, you can get a discount when you order your 2006 shirt.


Wendy Neely
Coach, Federal Way Kings

Hugh Moore
President, Federal Way Kings


Tamale Party - December 10

After the upcoming Southwest Zone SCM Meet, there is going to be a social event hosted by the Dozer family. Here are the pertinent details.

It is time again for the Tamale Party - December 10. We are planning to make 100 dozen tamales this year with several types of filling ranging from game meat to Hatch Green Chile and corn. We may even have a resurrection of the desert tamales this year.

Please feel free to invite those you think may have some fun with this or friends that are not intimidated by large groups of people that have some fun for the holidays. You can RSVP via e-mail or phone 623-931-2211.

Greg Dozer


Accommodations for XI FINA World Masters Championships

Anybody who is planning on going to the FINA World Masters Championships next year at Stanford will need to start planning now and secure a place to stay during the meet. The following is an excerpt from the FINA website.

The Organizing Committee has secured rooms at 22 Bay Area hotels. We were able to secure discounted rates. In the past month we have sold out our allotment at three of those hotels. There are still many, many hotel rooms available and to secure the greatest choice, please go to the web site, view the choices of hotels and chose one.

If you are planning for a group of ten or more, please contact Shannon Sullivan . She can help you with your selection of hotels.

Michael Moore
XI FINA World Masters
Championships Organizing Committee


LCM Top Ten Report

From Barry Roth

The preliminary National Top 10 report for Long Course is now available for review, and can be found at the USMS website. Go to the main page and click on Competition, from there link to the Top 10 web site. Corrections are due to the National Chair by December 1.

Please encourage all of your friends to review the document. The more people we have proofreading, the more likely we are to be error-free. Send any corrections to me and I will forward them to the National Chair.

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