Take me out to the Ball Game!

Later on this spring, Arizona Masters Swimming is going to have a social event at a Diamondbacks game! This will give us all a chance to watch a game, socialize with fellow swimmers, and enjoy some time together. It will also be the first in a series of social events designed to build camaraderie amongst our membership.

The event will be at Chase Field in downtown Phoenix on Friday May 30, 2008. Game starts at 6:40pm against the Washington Nationals so you can swing on by after work. Swimmers, spouses, and supporters are encouraged to attend, however space is limited. We have reserved the Miller Lite Diamond Club for this event, which can hold up to 240 people.

NOTE: Nobody under 21 is allowed in this area.

Does this sound like a good time for you? If you want to be a part of this event, here is what you need to do:
All tickets must be purchased before 6:40pm on Thursday May 29th so get your order in now!

So how did all of this come about? One of our swimmers works in the Diamondback's ticket office! Her name is Ashley Long and she used to swim for UW-Green Bay. Now she lives down here and works for the D-backs. So when you see her at the game, be sure to thank her for helping put this event together. If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing season tickets, group tickets or smaller packages please contact her at 602-462-4230.

See you at the game!


Sticking With It

As many of you know, US National Team member Nick Brunelli is an Arizona Masters swimmer and coach. He is pursuing his dream of representing the Red White and Blue in Bejing during the upcoming Olympics.

Along the road however, he injured his shoulder at a swim meet. This required some serious rehabilitation at Functional Performance Center in Tempe. One of the training tools they used was an exercise device that was in the prototype phase.

They call it the CoreStick(tm).

He used it to rehabilitate his shoulder and strengthen his core. It appears to be working...

His fiance uses it too!

The CoreStick(tm) is now available to the general public through their online store. If you want an abs-kicking workout, this is the tool for it.


Short Course State

Don't forget that the 2008 Short Course State Championships are being held at the end of this month down in Tucson.

Ford Aquatics is the host of this meet, which will be held at the Hillenbrand Aquatics Center on the University of Arizona campus. You can click here for the meet flyer.

Meet entries are due on March 18th, which means you have about two weeks to get yours in. If you have any questions, contact Coach Jim Stites.

Good luck!

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