Relay Meet

The Arizona Senior Olympics are having a relay meet on November 4th 2006 at the Bell Recreation Center in Sun City. You must be 50 or older and the fee for this event is $20. Entries must by postmarked by October 23, 2006. Mail the form and full entry fee (checks payable to Arizona Senior Olympics) to:

PO Box 33278
Phoenix, AZ 85067

If you have any questions call 602-261-8765.

The entry form will be posted on the Arizona Masters Swimming website shortly.


USAS Convention - Part IV

Well, the convention is over and a couple hundred delegates are on their way home. Yesterday afternoon we voted on 2008 LCM Nationals in the House of Delegates and they will be held at...

Mt. Hood Community College in Portland, OR!

This should be an excellent venue for Nationals and I am sure the event organizers will do an excellent job.

After that was done, all of the USAS attendees enjoyed a wonderful dinner which honored athletes from all of the sports (Diving, Synchronized Swimming, Masters Swimming, USA Swimming, and Water Polo). A good time was had by all and Rowdy Gaines did an excellent job as Master of Ceremonies.

That is it for now, if you have any specific questions regarding the convention feel free to ask any of the attendees or visit the USMS website.


USAS Convention - Part III

It is Saturday in Dearborn, MI for Convention and there is some news to report. 2008 Short Course Nationals will be held at the University of Texas in Austin, probably in late April. The final dates will be set in the near future and announced both on the USMS website and on this blog.

Long Course Nationals will either be held in Mission Viejo, CA or in Portland, OR during the second week of August. There will be a vote later today on who will host this event so stay tuned.

Other than that, it has been cool and rainy outside (not that we have been outside that much) but a lot of hot air is being generated inside the convention halls ;-)

More news will follow...


USAS Convention - Part II

Today is the second day of the USAS Convention in Dearborn, MI and things are really busy. This has been a great opportunity to meet and learn with other leaders in US Masters Swimming. We have had a chance to share ideas, problems, and solutions along with having a lot of fun. Tomorrow there will be more news so keep your eyes open on thi site.


USAS Convention - Part I

From Thursday September 14-Sunday September 17, the AZ LMSC (Arizona Masters Swimming) delegation is at the Dearborn Hyatt. We are attending the USMS portion of the United States Aquatics Sports (USAS) annual convention along with hundreds of other swimmers from across the country.

We are well represented at this event, our delegation includes:

Doug Adamavich (me) - Vice Chairman
Gregg Smith - Treasurer
Mitch Mitchell - Registrar
Judy Gilies - Officials
Laura Winslow - Zone Representative (SW Zone)

We just got done with the first session and will soon begin the various committee meetings so this will be a short post. I will post updates every day so you all can be up to speed on what is happening at this convention.


Going the Distance

Anna DeLozier is a civilian Contract Specialist with the US Army at Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista. She is also a long-time swimmer who enjoys open water events, like the 20-mile Catalina Channel swim.

On August 17, she swam the 4th fastest time (8:35:44) by a female and the 7th fastest time overall in the history of the event. Only 120 swimmers have successfully made the crossing since 1927, so Anna is in a very select group of athletes.

The Huachuca Scout has the complete article on page 25, which I encourage everybody to read.

Anna DeLozier, we salute you!

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