2008 Olympic Wrap-up

One masters swimmer was in Bejing to report on the proceedings earlier this month. Brett Rutemiller has swum for both Brophy and Sun Devil Masters in the past, but another role he played was a reporter. Luckily for him, he got assigned to Beijing to cover the Olympics.

Hard duty that.

You can see the "hardships" he had to endure on this journey by going here. It's an eleven-part series called "To Beijing and Back." When you have a moment sit back, watch, and enjoy.

Now if you were so excited you could not keep track of all the results, you can go here to read all of them. This is a great summary of all the races from prelims to finals. Good stuff!

Swimming World Magazine will be on hiatus until early September while the crew takes a very well-deserved break. They will be back though so keep them in your favorites.

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