Arizona Open Water Series - Round IV

The forth round of the Arizona Open Water Series was held at Lake Pleasant on Saturday and produced some great swims. Over 160 swimmers of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds took to the water in both the 2000M and 4000M distances.

This round was held on the southeast side of the lake adjacent to Pleasant Harbor Marina. The water was 70F and clear, perfect conditions for an open water swim.

DCB Adventures had their crew out there setting up early. They were ready to make sure the swim went well.

The 2000M waves went off first and most swimmers got done before the 4000M events started. The picture above was the wetsuit wave of the 4000M swim.

The cove was calm...until the swimmers started churning up the water. This picture shows the mad dash to the first marker buoy.

Results for this event will be posted here if you want to see how everybody did. Make sure you join us for the final race of the season at Town Lake.

Great job by the entire DCB Adventures crew!

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