Arizona to host 2011 US Masters Short Course Nationals

Big news out of Chicago, IL, Arizona is going to host the 2011 US Masters Short Course National Championships! The meet host will be Mesa Aquatics Club and the pool will be the recently renovated Kino Aquatics Center.

This is great news for our state and will give us an opportunity to showcase a great facility along with great Arizona hospitality. Swimmers from all over the country are already excited about coming back to our state after a successful 2003 Short Course Nationals at ASU.

2011 will be here sooner than you think so start making your preparations now. There will be several meets at Kino over the next year and a half so plan on attending and getting familiar with the venue. Stay tuned for more details but keep this event in mind for your upcoming training plans.

Special thanks to the City of Mesa and Mesa Aquatics Club for putting together a winning bid!

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