2000M Postal

We have another postal swim going on right now that is geared for all you triathletes and distance swimmers. The name of the event is the Bonded Logic 2000M Half Iron Postal Swim. The premise is simple, swim 2000M in a long course (meters) pool, have a witness write down your times, enter the event online, and watch for the results after the event is over. You have between now and September 30th to be a part of this event.

Why is this such a good event? 2000M is a half Ironman distance event, which many triathlons offer. If you participate in this event, you will get experience swimming that distance in controlled conditions. That will help you get physically and mentally ready for your next race. For swimmers, this event is longer than the standard distance pool events. This should be a great challenge for distance specialists who want to take on something new.

Everything is online for this event, simply go to www.2kpostal.com and enter. If you are not a member of US Masters Swimming, you can purchase a One Event Membership for $10, otherwise the meet entry fee is only $8. Medals will be awarded for 1-3 place and everybody can buy an event t-shirt if they want to.

So make your plans to swim this event today. Looking forward to seeing your results. Good luck everybody!

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