Tech Recycling Update

In 2008, Arizona Masters Swimming collected over $300 from used technology products (toner cartridges, inkjet cartridges, cell phones, notebook computers, and iPods) from participating members. We are going to continue this program and would like to expand our collection of items.

With the holidays approaching, many of us will purchase or receive new tech goodies. This is great, but what about the old items? In the past, most of them wound up in landfills, which is a bad place for them. Most electronic items contain amounts of hazardous materials that must be disposed of properly lest they contaminate the water, air, or soil. The program that we are a part of allows us to benefit from properly recycling selected items, which is a win-win situation.

So if you or the company you work for have used items, contact me at ArizChair AT cox DOT net and we can go over details. We have worked successfully in the past with DHL, T-Sys, and Bernard-Allison on corporate collection programs, your company can be added to this list. Even if you have a couple of old cell phones laying around the house, those can be collected too. It costs you nothing and benefits masters swimming, not to mention our environment.

If you have other electronic items that you need to get rid of, contact AZStRUT or your city to see how to recycle them. Many cities have collection locations where you can drop off your used items (TVs, radios, desktop computers, monitors, etc.) to be recycled.

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