2009 Arizona Open Water Series

Next year, we will have at least five open water swimming events within Arizona! Local sporting events company DCB Adventures is expanding their slate of open water swims in 2009 and adding new venues. This is exciting news to open water swimmers everywhere.

The swims will be held at three different lakes around Phoenix during both the late spring and early fall. This will extend the open water season for those swimming events in other states. All of these events will offer both 2k and 4k distances for participants. You can get more details by going to the Events page on the AZ LMSC website.

We've already received some press on this on the 10k Swimmer website, no doubt we will get more in the near future.

Thanks to David Benjes from DCB Adventures, Mark Gill from USMS, June Hussey from Skyline Masters, and everybody else involved in this series.

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