USAS Convention - Part III

And now the denouement from the 2008 USAS Convention in Atlanta...

Saturday was a long day of meetings but somehow we all survived. Since 2008 was a Rules year, there were a bunch of rules changes that were brought before the House of Delegates for United States Masters Swimming.

We sit through these meetings so you don't have to ;-)

We read through a bunch of rules and reviewed committee recommendations. The end result will be on the USMS website shortly, but here are the relevant ones that affect AZ LMSC.

At Nationals, clubs will now compete either as Regional Clubs or Local Clubs. Awards are for 1-10 places combined, meaning there are no longer separate men's and women's club scoring awards. A Regional Club is defined as a club that has multiple teams that compete against each other within their LMSC but swim as one club at Nationals. Arizona is one such club, just like PNA, COMSA, Wisconsin, and NCMS. We will continue to compete against these clubs at Nationals as before. The change will be for clubs like Walnut Creek, The Olympic Club, NOVA, and FLAQ that compete at Nationals and at their local meets as one club.

2010 Short Course Nationals will be at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, which is the same pool that the 1996 Summer Olympics were held in. This facility has undergone a $45 million upgrade and is one of the premier aquatics centers in the world. It should be a great meet that everybody should enjoy. So mark your calendars for May 20-23, 2010.

2010 Long Course Nationals will be held in San Juan, PR. Yes, that is Puerto Rico my friends! Former Arizona resident/student/swimmer/coach/meet director Mark Gill is going to run this event in conjunction with the Puerto Rico swimming federation. This pool is a carbon copy of the Georgia Tech pool except that it has not been fully enclosed. The reviews of this facility are nothing short of outstanding. Plus, the swimming events will be held Monday-Thursday, August 9-12. There is also talk of hosting an open water swim that Friday after the meet is done. If you plan this one right, this event could lend itself well to an extended island vacation.

I will post a link to the rules changes when they are updated on the USMS website. That way, you can read through everything that was passed by the House of Delegates along with the committee reports that were submitted. It was an honor to represent Arizona in Atlanta and I think it was a worthwhile trip.

See you all back in the pool!

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