USAS Convention - Part II

More news from Atlanta...

No big news (yet) from the USAS Convention but things are happening. Rob Butcher, the new Executive Director of USMS, gave a speech this morning during the first House of Delegates meeting. I can tell you that not only does he bring a wealth of experience in marketing, he is passionate about swimming and about USMS. We are very fortunate to have a person of Rob's caliber in this crucial role.

I also had a chance to meet and speak with Rob briefly. He is an approachable and thoughtful person whom I look forward to working with. He also recognizes the potential for growth within Arizona and wants to work with us on expanding membership. Over time the ED will have an impact on our state along with the rest of USMS.

During the remainder of Friday, there will be reports from the various committees and task forces. There won't be much else to report, Saturday will be another story though. During that session a number of Rules changes will be voted on along with deciding who will host 2010 SCY and LCM Nationals. That will produce some interesting debate for sure...

So for now, that is all from Atlanta.

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