USAS Convention - Part I

And now the news from Atlanta...

First of all, Eastern time is three hours ahead of Arizona (effectively PST for now) and it really makes morning meetings difficult. Despite this, we had a productive Southwest Zone meeting earlier today. Here are some of the highlights.

Laura Winslow was nomiated as Zone Representative again. This is great news because she has been involved in swimming for many years in several different roles. Her breadth of experience and professional background will once again enable her to effectively serve in this role.

There will be zone meets again in 2009. Arizona will host the SCY Zone meet, SPMA will host both the LCM and SCM Zone meets. This was done to draw more California people (SPMA and SI) to one of our big meets. We also wish to continue encouraging our swimmers to swim in the big SoCal meets, especially if they are not going to Nationals. Together, we can offer the over 5000 swimmers in our Zone some great meets to swim in.

Lastly, the SW Zone Committee appointed me (Chairman Doug) to chair a committee on an open water swimming series. This would comprise featured open water swims within the different LMSCs within our Zone. SPMA has an open water series, SI has held events in the past, and AZ has restarted an open water series, now is a great opportunity to create a series of events that we can promote to all zone members.

The rest of today will consist of committee meetings that will not produce anything exciting. However, in the coming days there will be rule proposals and National Championships that will be voted on. Those will produce some lively debate and some major decisions. So stay tuned...

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