Maui Wowi

When most 'zonies think of open water swimming events, we think of the La Jolla Roughwater Swims. But not everybody does...

A few intrepid swimmers ventured to Maui, HI to participate in the ‘Aumakua open water swims. They did really well too judging by the results. Al Jaegers proved he has just as much speed in the ocean as the pool by taking first overall in the mile event. He was among five men who finished within 3/10ths of a second of each other. Kelsey Dickson showed that fast swimming runs in the family by finishing fourteenth overall and first in her age group. John Carl Becker from Tucson finished eleventh overall in the three mile swim and another Dickson (a guy named Kurt) finished just behind in sixteenth.

Great job team, you represented Arizona well!

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