Dry Land Training Tips For Masters Swimmers

Clear the water from your ears, Masters Swimmers. The people at Performance Fitness want you to hear this: Dry land training is an important part of your competitive swim plan—and overall fitness. So if you’re not doing it, or don’t know how, you won’t want to miss this free seminar.

“Dry Land Training Tips for Masters Swimmers” will be presented by exercise physiologist Andrew Clark, at Performance Fitness, 2951 N. Swan Rd., Suite 101, at 11 a.m. on September 27. Clark, who owns Performance Fitness, says the free seminar is geared to those who can swim for miles and miles, but when it comes to dry land, are like fishoutawata.

Participants will learn:

· why weight-bearing exercise grows in importance with age
· how to safely introduce land-based exercises into your fitness routine
· specific exercises that may help you swim faster

In addition to this free seminar, Performance Fitness is offering registered USMS swimmers a special incentive: two months of membership for the price of one, for those who join by September 30.

For reservations and information, call 520-325-5455.

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