New Use for Old Suits

If you swim, you probably go through a couple of suits a year. Yes, even the new Speedo Endurance ones wear out after a while! So what do you do when they are worn-out.

In the past, you probably just threw them away.

Now, you can put your old, worn-out, faded suit to good use.

Here is an article that Paul Smith brought to my attention from the USMS discussion board:

Hello All, I work with a great group of ladies making quilts for those that are less fortunate. We make the quilts all year round and then donate them to the local shelters and directly to those that find themselves living on the streets when the weather turns cold. We use almost all donated materials to make the quilts. We try to use nylon type materials, not only nylon but light weight materials, because it tends to dry much faster than other materials. We are always in dire need of materials. We have received a lot of old suits from my daughter's swim team and have found it very usefull. Her coach suggested that I try posting on the internet to see if others would be interested in helping our cause, so here it is! We cut the suits into smaller pieces we can use so the condition of the suits does not matter at all(we have received some that were just pieces). I was wondering if any of you would be interested in donating your old suits to a worthwhile cause? It is also a great way to recycle the old suits and keep them out of the landfills! If you are interested you can post here or email us at Quilts4homeless@yahoo.com

God Bless,
So if you have an old suit (or two), send Jennifer an email and get the process started.

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