National Team - Portland

Summer in Arizona can be a time to endure the heat that comes with living in a desert state.

Or it can be an excuse to get out of town and enjoy the nice weather somewhere else. Oh yeah, there can be swimming involved too!

Long Course Nationals will be in Portland, OR in August. This will be a good place to be, forty-one swimmers from AZ will make the trip there and enjoy cooler weather and fast times in the pool. My guess is that the team will also enjoy the good food and drink that Portland is known for too.

Just think, you could have gone too...

Here is the Arizona National Team for Portland:

Doug P Adamavich
Christie Altman
Robert C Balling
Sharon G Billeter
Brigid J Bunch
Susan E Dawson-Cook
Anna R DeLozier
Kelsey A Dickson
Kurt F Dickson
Peter A Eisenklam
Susan B Foster
Vern Fuller
Mikey G Girard
F H Ted Haartz
Ted W Hammond
Noriko Inada
Al Jaegers
Katryn S James
Kohei Kawamoto
Nancy Kinney
Evie S Lynch
Bobbi Malone
Frank McIntyre
Joanne C Menard
Thomas A Monroe Sr.
Amy B Mullaney
Christine M Nelson
Sam W Perry
Bridget A Pranke
Maureen T Rankin
Tom D Rigley
Barry Roth
Caron L Shake
Scott D Shake
Lou Silverstein
Jason M Sixkiller
Laura K Smith
Paul L Smith
Jeffrey S Utsch
Whitney M Warman
Phillip Whitten

Wish our team well as they take on the best in Portland this August!

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