Masters Clinic with Dara Torres?

Toyota is sponsoring a masters swim clinic featuring Dara Torres. She is in Omaha right now competing for a spot on the 2008 Olympic Team but after Bejing, she will be available to share some of her training secrets.

Imagine having Dara Torres giving you tips on your stroke...

Yeah, very cool!

Of course, everybody else in USMS knows about this offer now. Rob Copeland (USMS President) sent out an email last week on this subject. Only a selected few clubs will be able to host one of these events. So the competition will be tough.

The good news is we have a large LMSC with many excellent swimmers and coaches. If we mobilize our members, we stand a good chance of hosting one of these clinics. What everybody needs to do is go here and fill-out the form. Enter "ARIZ" for the club since all of the teams within our LMSC compete as one club. If we get one of the clinics, we will work with our coaches to find the best venue for this event.

So enter your information today and let's get in the running for this event. It will be a great opportunity to learn from a top masters swimmer who remains at the top of her game at 41!

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