2008 Long Course Nationals

As many of you know, Long Course Nationals will be in Portland, OR this August. This will be a fun meet and offer us 'Zonies a chance to get outta the heat for a few days and have some fun the Pacific Northwest. Mount Hood Community College recently upgraded their facilities, making their pool one of the fastest and deepest in the US.

Think about it, you could spend a long weekend having fun with your fellow swimmers in Oregon in the nice, mild weather or you could cook here in Arizona.

Think about it...

If you are interested in going to Long Course Nationals this summer, you need to get your entry in soon. The deadline for entries is July 11 so you have less than two weeks. The good news is that you can enter online, thereby saving you time and peace of mind.

Paul Smith is organizing the team and has a long list of people that are interested in going. We should have a large, fun team there so I encourage you to join in. Mark and Mo Rankin are from Portland too so there are rumors going around that they will show us some of the local breweries that their hometown is famous for.

...or you could sit inside your air conditioned home and think of your teammates who are sitting outside relaxing in 80 degree weather.

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