First Meet, First Place

Question: Who is short, has long curly hair, and is a National Champion?

Answer: Robyn Kondrad!

There is more to the story of course. Robyn has been a swimmer since she was six years old. She is originally from North Carolina and swam for William and Mary in college. Now, she lives in Tempe and goes to graduate school at ASU.

Ironically, she did not plan on being a masters swimmer when she moved out to Arizona. She started as a coach for Sun Devil Aquatics and noticed that Sun Devil Masters practiced after the age group kids were done. Like many ex-swimmers, she began to miss the training and competition. Robyn did some training on her own, but she missed the social aspects of working out in a group.

This spring, she started practicing with Sun Devil Masters. She quickly moved from two workouts per week to five. During this time, Robyn made new friends and enjoyed her time in the pool. Then she began to think about competing.

Her first masters meet was Long Course Nationals at the Woodlands. Talk about diving in the deep end! But she did well in her first meet in two years.

How well you ask?

3rd in the 100M Breaststroke
4th in the 200M IM
1st in the 100M Butterfly

Not bad at all for your first masters meet!

Thanks for being a part of our team Robyn.

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