Arizonans Invade La Jolla for Good Times in Rough Water

The results are in from the 77th Annual La Jolla Rough Water Swim, which took place in La Jolla Cove on Sunday, September 9. The number of Arizona swimmers taking the plunge was impressive, exceeding even that of local cove swimmers. This is truly a gargantuan effort, as evidenced by the sheer number of swimmers accommodated during this all-day event: 333 juniors as young as 8 swam 250 yards; 294 amateurs aged 13-18 swam one mile; 613 Masters Men and 437 Masters Women swam the mile; and 527 swimmers finished the Gatorman 3-mile event. A cadre of brave souls competed in both the one mile and the Gatorman. They are denoted in the results by an asterisk (*).

The event ran smoothly, thanks to a well-oiled machine of volunteers and committee members who work year-round to ensure this event's ongoing success. The weather was ideal, having "cooled off" from a heat wave San Diegans were complaining of last week. The water was not too cold at all. And most of us woke up to the excitement of an earthquake shaking the bed at around 6:10 a.m. A first for me.

I'm still sore from the punishment my body took out there in the swells. It was a great day for a swim. Pretty smooth out to the pier, and a little bumpy coming back. One Swim Arizona reader has promised to submit an account of her experience at La Jolla as a first-time ocean swimmer. Be sure to read the November/December issue for that.

Meanwhile, to view results, visit www.ljrws.com.

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