Sponsorship at Upcoming Meets

In most sporting events, sponsorship plays a key role in the strength of the organization. Companies want their brands associated with particular sports or activities because it helps them reach a desired market.

Take Formula One for example, BMW-Sauber will collect over 300 million Euros this year from their sponsors to enable their team to compete in front of fans worldwide at each race this year.

Other sports like triathlon, running, mountain biking, and many more do the same on a smaller scale. Masters swimming is no different and there are some good opportunities coming up this fall. There are already some companies that will support upcoming meets, but we can always add more...

USMS swimmers are a highly-desirable demographic, most companies would be thrilled to be able to target this market. So if you own a business, work for a corporation or organization, or know somebody who does, let them know that they can promote their business while helping to support swimming. More details on sponsorship levels and programs will be announced in the near future so stay tuned!

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