Back with a vengeance

I'm baaaack!

As many of you know, I took seven weeks off after my great swimming at the Tucson Ford USA Swimming meet at the beginning of June. Thanks to all the masters swimmers from Ford who cheered me on while timing. It helped get me through the last 15 meters!

I've been back in the water for a month now, and I'm still not in the best shape. The pool was closed all last week, and the alternative -- swimming in a public pool that is not aerated -- was a poor option, so I only swam once last week. So all my efforts to get into shape by the end of August might be in vain. I'd be lucky to be ready to start an abbreviated sprint training program by mid-September.

My strokes don't feel right, which is fine, but I don't have much time to do drills to correct problems. I do them in warmup and warmdown, and during some sets if I can fit them in. This season, I'm working on bilateral breathing on freestyle and getting more power out of my legs in all my strokes, and my focus events are the 100 breast and 200 IM. I haven't done a shaved 200 IM since last November, and it wasn't good because I didn't train for it.

My next meet is the Ron Johnson Invite in November. Looking forward to it.

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