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Let me introduce myself. My name is Beth Isaak - I'm an Olympic Silver Medalist and Masters swimmer for about five years. I've been involved in swimming for 30 years. I've enjoyed swimming Masters... it has been very healing and a lot of fun! I'm not swimming with a team right now...I have a YMCA about 2 minutes from my home so I've opted to swim on my own....the other teams are so far away! And as you know, there is a big difference between getting up at 4:30am for workout instead of 5am! I also am an individual stroke coach...meaning I help others develop or refine their strokes so they can be as efficient as possible. I also have a MySpace group where I help, for free, anyone who has a swimming question.

Anyway, I'll be posting blogs on subjects that come up in my group or just whatever is on my mind at the time. On my mind at present is how few Arizona masters swimmers swim in meets. I found out just this weekend about a meet in Oro Valley (Tucson) that I've entered in and I was so surprised to find out that only about 25-30 people are entered! I use meets to keep me motivated...I make short term and long term goals based on upcoming meets. Since I just entered the Oro Valley meet I haven't made up those short term goals yet, but I have my long term goals (the meet in Tucson at the end of July) already set. I hope that we get a big crowd at that meet.

Well, my son is wanting me to help him color (he is 2) so I'm going to log off now, but I just wanted to introduce myself. Oh! And for those of you who are also "unattached" I blog my workouts here.

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