Fast Twitch -- Day two at the Southwest Classic

100 breast prelim: 1:05.10 NATIONAL RECORD

100 breast final: 1:05.73 (1st place)

Another national record! I was real excited to get this one. Everyone kept asking if I was going to go for the Olympic Trial cut in the event, which is 1:04.69. I wasn't making any bets on that time. I just wanted to swim fast and see what the result was.

The morning swim was pretty good. There were some things I could fix, and the left eye of my goggles filled with water. It hurt real bad the last 20 meters. At night, I resolved to go out a little slower and see if I could have more left at the end. It didn't really work. All it did was affect my momentum, and it was harder to build to that all-out sprint on the last 50. But I am proud of both of my swims; they are the two fastest times I've ever gone in masters. I've had some bad luck surrounding all my long course 100 breast races in masters, and this morning was the only one that I believe turned out right. I didn't eat enough food before the final, and felt a little hungry. My energy reserves might have been depleted ever so slightly. Also, there's the fact that I didn't do much long-course training leading up to this. I surely felt it in the last 25 meters!

I won't lie to you, but it was real nice thinking about the fact that everyone was looking at me and wondering about the 33-year-old beating all the college kids. It felt good doing so, though I know on their best days, they could all wipe the floor with me. But on this day, I won!

I got lots of congratulations after the meet, and that felt good. Most of them were from coaches on the Tucson Ford age group team who had seen me working out in the evening. They probably had no clue I was able to go that fast. If anything, I hope this gives masters more exposure.

The five Tucson masters swimmers that participated in the meet did very well. I think everyone likes to see us in the meet, and I hope we'll continue to do so. As of right now, I don't plan to shave and taper for next year's meet (though some think I could train long course and go for that Trials cut one more time). All I'm thinking about is the very long break ahead of me. No swimming. If I exercise, it might be at the gym. I'm not one to actively seek out exercise if it's not for training purposes. Sitting on my couch watching TV or movies is a more preferable exercise.

So this ends the Fast Twitch blog. Thanks to everyone who tuned in these 12 weeks. I appreciate all the feedback you've given me. I hope you learned something as you progress in your sprint training. If you have any questions, e-mail me at

Think fast!

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