It looks like we are getting traffic from all over on our blog. I know this because Josh from Dynoswim (in Florida) sent me an email last week. He wanted to let me know about his site and how it could benefit our readers.

So what is Dynoswim?

In Joshua's words...

Dynoswim is an internet source for swimming workouts which is continuously updated and prides itself in being the go-to source for swimming workouts. Designed for coaches, lifelong recreational swimmers, age-groupers, triathletes, and Masters swimmers alike, Dynoswim has the workouts to suit all goals and abilities.

Dynoswim was devoted to promote all things swimming related and is available for all people of all swimming levels and abilities. It's a resource available for fitness swimmers and elite level athletes alike, where information is shared by various coaches, and free for all people interested in swimming to share. Dynoswim provides one of the best resources available for swimming workouts and is also a forum for the sharing of ideas and information.

I've created a link for their site on the right-hand side of the blog that will take you to their website. Check it out and see how you like it. I think it is a great resource, especially for swimmers out there that don't have a coach and/or train by themselves.

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