Fast Twitch -- Week 9 (Tuesday, May 8)

Tuesday noon short course

10x100 :20 rest
1-5 free
6-10 50 kick non-free/50 swim non-free

6x10 breakouts on :45

10x50 kick on 1:00
1, 4 fast breast (:40, :39); 7, 10 fast back with Zoomers(:33, :33)
others easy

200 easy

10x50 free on :55
1-5 breathe every 5
6-10 three breaths per 50

200 easy
My legs are still sore, but I can feel lots of power underneath all the aches and pains. In three days, taper begins, and I'm sure everything will fall into place. The hardest part about this time before taper is keeping up the momentum. You want to back off now, but you have to have the confidence that you are taking the right path. During the taper period, if things don't feel good when they should, that is the time to hold back more.

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