Fast Twitch -- Week 9 (Monday, May 7)

Monday p.m. short course

600 warmup

Two rounds:
3x100 on 1:45 50 drill/25 kick/25 swim
Round 1 fly, round 2 back

8x50 kick on 1:10 25 breast/25 free

12x75 on 1:10
1-6: fly/back/breast
7-12: back/breast/free

10x50 on :55
1-5: breathe every 5
6-10: three breaths per 50
For some reason, the set of 75s really took a lot out of me. Part of it had to do with the fly, which always makes me more tired than I should be. But even the last half of the set was extra grueling. I'm not sure what was happening.

My legs are real sore and haven't felt good since the meet in California. I did pick up the intensity in my weight program, which means they are tired from exertion. I'll be putting extra emphasis on resting them during the taper. That means fewer starts than I have planned in a few workouts.

I think I've lost a lot of weight in the past few weeks. My drag suit is really hanging loose on me. Yes, it's a good thing, but it's very distracting when you think your suit will slip down on every pushoff. I don't have a scale in my house, and I haven't seen a scale at my gym or at any pool, so I can't verify this. But my looser pants and suits tell the tale.

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