Fast Twitch -- Week 9 (Friday, May 11)

Friday p.m. short course

Meet warmup (1500 yards)

6x50 back on :55
1-3 relaxed, 4-6 at 200 pace (around :29)

100 easy

(Put on my Speedo brief)

100 IM fast from a push (:53)

300 easy

(10 minutes after the first 100 IM)
100 IM fast from a push (:54)

I don't think I have ever gone under 55 seconds for a fast 100 IM in masters. In workout sets, I generally have a goal of 1:00 (with a drag suit). This obviously gives me lots of confidence two days into taper. My legs are slowly starting to feel better, but they are still the last part of my body to recover.

During taper, I generally have a day of fast swimming, followed by two days of active recovery. But it is important to make sure to throw in a 15-meter breakout or two, just to keep the fast twitch active. It is quite easy to overtaper if you don't remind your body that you are preparing it to swim fast. Sometimes when people don't swim as fast as they want during their taper meet, they think they didn't taper enough. More often than not, it is because they tapered too much, with too many acrtive recovery days, like three days in a row of easy swimming, followed by a broken swim or something.

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