Fast Twitch -- Week 8 (Tuesday, May 1)

Tuesday a.m. long course with Ford Masters

400 warmup

Two rounds:
4x50 stroke on 1:00 (back)
2x100 stroke on 1:50 (round one: back/breast, round two: breast/free)
200 IM on 3:30 (round one: 2:48, round two: 2:37)

3x4x50 kick, intervals getting faster each round

400 IM aerobic (I only did a 50 fly)
I found out that the pool will be short course all week starting Wednesday night. Awesome news.

Thursday p.m. short course

I won't go into details, but I felt like crap tonight and didn't feel like doing the workout, so I cut it in half.

6x150 :15 rest
100 free/50 non-free

6x75 :20 rest
50 drill/25 swim

2x100 breast kick

I was going to do the following sets:
5x100 breast kick on 3:00

Two rounds:
200 swim easy :30 rest
2x25 kick fast with Zoomers on 1:00

I hope to feel better tomorrow. Physically and mentally, it wasn't going to happen today.

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