Fast Twitch -- Week 8 (Thursday, May 3)

Thursday p.m. short course

500 warmup

6x200 free on 2:50
1-3 descend to 90% effort (2:23, 2:14, 2:08)
4-6 pull aerobic

400 breast kick

6x100 breast pull with Zoomers on 1:45

100 easy

4x50 free on 1:30, with fast turn

200 easy
Today was a perfect day for aerobic distance work. After yesterday's extreme efforts, I needed a day to keep myheart rate relatively low and lactate production minimal.

I am no longer doing double workouts on Tuesday and Thursday. This is the first act of preparing to taper! The next step is cutting back on weights until May 9, when I stop doing it altogether. Taper officially starts May 10.

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