Fast Twitch -- Week 8 (Saturday, May 5)

Saturday short course

Meet warmup (about 1,600 yards)

I changed into my Speedo brief. Fifteen minutes later:

Broken 100 breast
50 from dive, 15 seconds rest, 25 swim, 10 seconds rest, 25 swim

This time is a little fudged, the two sendoffs were on my feet, which means there was about a second nto accounted for in the turns. But I am happy with the wim. Everything felt good, and I felt strong. The coach and I debated about the 15 seconds rest. He wanted 10. Initially, I was going to do a 50 with 15 seconds rest, then another 50 (no rest at the 75).

I might do another one of these, but not until a week from Monday, maybe. I want to be halfway through my taper so I can see how I am doing. I will actually do the same swim with the same intervals, to judge improvement, which there should be, though not too much.

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