Fast Twitch -- Week 12 (Wednesday, May 30

Wednesday p.m. long course

Meet warmup (about 1500 meters)

Changed from drag suit to a Speedo brief, then 15 minutes later:

50 breast from a dive: 29.8

That's my fastest 50 breast from a dive in workout in recent memory. In fact, it's a tenth slower than a time I did in a race last summer. The thing is, my body felt real heavy and it didn't feel like I had to work a little harder to get that time, but I was happy with it. In my 100 breast race Sunday, I hope that my first 50 is about that fast, but obviously a lot easier.

You can look at the psyche sheet for the meet. A few Ford Masters swimmers will be in the meet, starting today with the mile. We'll have some swimmers from the Mexican national team, as well as some of the best from the rest of the state. It was a fun meet to watch last year, because it's always cool watching the South African Olympians, as well as the best UA swimmers, even if it's in the middle of the season.

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