Fast Twitch -- Week 11 (Wednesday, May 24)

Wednesday p.m. short course

600 warmup

4x150 :25 rest
50 back/50 breast/50 free

4x15 breakouts on :45

8x50 on 1:30
1, 4, 6, 8 breast fast (29, 29, 30, 29)

300 easy

2x25 breast fast on 1:00 (14, 14)

100 easy
Man, did I feel like crap today. Getting back into weights really made my muscles sore. I'm surprised I went so fast on the 50s. I know I'm still kinda shaved, and it has some effect, but my soreness should have easily outweighed that advantage. My stroke felt sloppy most of the time, but that's OK. Once I taper again starting Saturday or Sunday, everything should feel better.

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