Fast Twitch -- Nationals is here!

Surprise! I'm able to blog from nationals, thanks to a very good friend and free Internet connection!


I'll tell you how I did, in order of my events.

100 fly: 52.81 (24.74, 28.07) Well, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I will never, never, never do that again at nationals. I probably won't even do it in an in-season meet. That race is not for me.

50 breast: 25.78 NATIONAL RECORD Yeah! I've been aching to break that record since I turned 30. I found out afterward that it was the oldest record in all of masters short course swimming. I verified it by looking it up online. No other record has lasted since 1991. It was formerly held by David Lundberg, who was -- is -- a great swimmer. It's an honor to break his record. This is like the time I broke 1996 Olympic gold medalist Atilla Czene's 100 SCM IM record four years ago.

100 back: 51.63 (25.18, 26.45) This was the first time I've swum backstroke indoors since February 2006. It felt so good! I had hoped to go under 51, but I messed up my third turn and it affected my momentum.

Fly on the 200 mixed medley relay: 23.50

All three of the individual events were back-to-back-to-back, but I had at least 50 minutes between each, so it wasn't a big deal The key to it was warming down plenty after each race. After each 100 race I did at least 600 yards, though I did more after the 100 back. After the breast, I did about 300.

Tomorrow's events: 100 IM and 100 free

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