Direct Alliance Corporation and AZ LMSC

Last week, Arizona Masters Swimming was listed on the Direct Alliance Corporation's intranet site for OptimalWorkLife!

I can see you all scratching your heads, but let me explain...

Direct Alliance Corporation (DAC) is one of the Top-100 Global Outsourcing companies and provides services to many of the world's largest electronics and software companies. It has over 800 employees at it's Tempe headquarters and is growing rapidly. DAC is owned by TeleTech, which is a Denver-based company with over 43,000 employees worldwide.

One of the main goals of the company is to provide opportunities for employees to maintain a balanced in their lives. The program OptimalWorkLife lists selected organizations that provide such opportunities.

Arizona Masters Swimming is one of the three organizations listed!

Many companies have similar listings of activities because wellness is becomming increasingly important within companies. If you work for a company, governmental agency, educational institution, non-profit organization, or the military, tell your Human Resources Department about Arizona Masters Swimming. They can contact me directly via email or leave a message on our information hotline at 480-365-0037.

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