2008 National Team - Short Course Yards

In just over one week, 36 members of Arizona Masters Swimming will be at USMS Short Course Nationals in Federal Way, WA. They will compete at the King County Aquatics Center, which is one of the best pools in the western US. Over 1400 other swimmers from across the US will also participate in this event.

Here is the 2008 Arizona Masters National Team for the USMS Short Course Yards National Championships:

Altman, Christie
Bailey, Monica
Bayly, Helen H
Busche, Kelly C
Fritz, Jill D
Hobbs, Liz A
Hussey, June C
James, Katryn S
Keller, Kathleen E
Kelley, Colleen
Major, Rebecca P
Malone, Bobbi
Miller, Jan
Mullaney, Amy B
Palenica, Lisa A
Pranke, Bridget A
Roper, Gail P
Schmidt, Jonelle G
Weinberg, Wendy L

Adamavich, Doug P
Bailey, Hop
Bellem, Ray D
Bond, William R
Donath, Jonathan
Fritz, Jack R
Fuller, Vern
Gillin, Gordon H
Haartz, F H Ted
Hassan, Omar
Leid, Jeff G
Monroe, Thomas A
Silverstein, Lou
Stites, Jim S
Suida, Nathan T
Swanholm, Benjamin S

Jim Stites (Ford Aquatics) and Simon Percy (Sun Devil Masters) will be coaching at this meet as well.

When you get a chance, wish the swimmers and coaches good luck. This will be a very competitive meet in a fast pool.

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