Functional Training Clinic - April 28

For those of you who want to improve your swimming, triathlon, or overall athletic performance, there is an event this coming weekend you should attend. Functional Performance Center in Tempe is hosting a clinic on Saturday April 28 at 2pm that focuses on exercises designed to improve your performance.

The clinic is going to host twice-weekly training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings starting in May. If all goes well, registered members of Arizona Masters Swimming will get a discount at the clinic. Stay tuned for more information on this...

While most of the focus is on improving triathlon-specific movements (biking and running), the clinic has experience with elite level swimmers. World-class sprinter Nick Brunelli has been rehabilitating with them since his shoulder injury last year and speaks highly of them. Functional Performance Center also works with professional athletes from a variety of sports (ex. Arizona Diamonbacks) to improve their performance. If you are at all interested in improving your performance in and outside of the water, give them a call at 480-968-2020 for more information.

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