Fast Twitch -- Week 7 (Wednesday, April 25)

Wednesday p.m. short course

600 warmup

300 kick

8x100 :20 rest, two of each stroke
75 drill/25 swim

6x50 free on :55
Odd: Breathe every 5
Even: Breathe every 7

4x15 breakouts on :45

3x100 free fast on 4:00

200 easy

50 breast fast

200 easy
The stars were not aligned today. I went to Catalina Pool, the same pool I went to a little more than a week ago and worked on my starts. I clearly remember them having backstroke flags. Tonight, there were none, which seriously affected my workout. I was going to do the fast 100s IM, but without flags, backstroke was out of the question.

I would be very surprised if there were any public pools with backstroke flags. I've been to three in town, and Catalina was the only public pool I have seen in Tucson with flags. I'm going to try to find a pool with flags by calling around tomorrow, because I do need to do some IM turn work, as well as some backstroke work. Obviously, I could swim at the university, but again, it's long course.

A solution will present itself.

Anyway, I was happy with my 100 frees. My plan was to have a fast stroke rate on the first 25, then build my legs the last 75 while keeping my stroke together. Not easy, especially since I'm not a freestyler.

The 50 breast was tough, but the point was to work on hand speed. That will come in handy on the last 50 of my 100 breast.

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