Fast Twitch -- Week 7 (Tuesday, April 24, part 2)

Tuesday p.m. short course

6x150 :20 rest
1-3: 100 free/50 kick
4-6: 100 IM drill/50 kick

4x15 breakouts on :45

100 breast kick fast with board, 100 swim easy (1:24)
75 kick fast, 75 easy swim/kick (1:02)
50 kick fast, 50 swim easy (:42)
25 kick fast, 25 kick easy (:18)

200 easy

4x25 flutter kick underwater with Zoomers on 1:00
(:13 average)

200 easy
I got to the pool late (traffic) and had to leave right at 6:30, so I cut out 400 yards at the top of the workout, and another fast set at the end: 4x25 dolphin kick on back with Zoomers on 1:00.

It felt good to do short course workout. I could feel my breaststroke kick going at a higher rate than when I did the set long course. That is what I need.

I spent about an hour at work looking at the public pool schedules for the city of Tucson. Turns out they had the wrong one posted. The pools are open for lap swim at quite convenient times. Again, I really wish I had thought of this option weeks ago.

What I might do is either swim at 6 a.m. or 5:30 p.m., depending on circumstances. I'd rather swim in the morning because I can have my evenings back.

I can't stress enough how important it is to swim short course when preparing for a short course meet. If you're going to nationals and have been training mostly long course, it's not too late to find a short course pool and prepare for the homestretch. Even if you're a distance swimmer. Your legs will thank you as they remember what it's like to push off twice as many walls.

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