Fast Twitch -- Week 7 (Friday, April 27)

Friday p.m. short course (!!!!)

600 warmup

8x100 IM
1-4: drill on 1:45
5-8: swim on 1:40

50 easy

4x15 breakouts on :45

50 easy

6x35 on 1:30
1: fly turn
2: fly to back turn
3: back turn
4: back to breast turn
5: breast
6: breast to free turn

200 easy

100 back broken by 25s, :15 rest at each 25
(:13, :14, :14, :14 = :55)

300 easy
Yes, that's right, I did backstroke turns in a short course pool! The Ft. Lowell pool at Craycroft and Glenn is the only public pool in town with backstroke flags, because an age group team swims there regularly. It's a little far from where I live and where I work, but for the next two weeks, I'll commute there three days a week.

Because it's a short course pool, the water was way too warm (no public pool has a water cooling system apparently) because it was about 90 degrees today. But I perservered through it all the way through the broken 100.

The set of 35s was a way to do fast swimming incorporating turns. When I was training in Colorado Springs in my other swimming life, we did sets like this all the time. The coach would time us, and we'd do it maybe once or twice a month. Ten meters/yards off the wall means about one stroke cycle for fly and free, two for back, and just the pullout for breast (at least for me). Before you do the set, you might want to know where the 10-yard mark is from each wall.

I felt good about the workout, besides the fact that I was able to work on backstroke. Though my body is a little tired from weights, all my strokes feel smooth.

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