Fast Twitch -- Week 6 (Wednesday, April 18)

Wednesday p.m. long course

6x150 :20 rest
100 free/50 non-free

3x100 :20 rest
50 kick/50 swim of back, breast, free

4x15 breakouts on 1:00

100 easy

4x50 on 2:00 IM order
(:31, :31, :35, :29 = 2:06 200 IM)

4x100 on 2:00 easy, mixing strokes

I changed into my Speedo brief, then had to wait 10 minutes for an open lane to do:
3x25 from a dive, Nos. 1 and 3 back, No. 2 breast

100 easy
My arms were in intense pain, but started to feel better a few minutes before the broken 200 IM.

The 25s were actually pretty strong, and the breakouts were pretty good. Naturally, I'm still having trouble swimming backstroke in the middle of the lane.

To remind you, I'm swimming in a meet in Pleasanton, Calif., this weekend. I'm not going to rest too hard for it, though the competition is bound to be strong. Olympian
Roque Santos will be there, as will a couple of swimmers from the Olympic Club, a masters team in San Francisco where a lot of the fastest guys in myage group train, especially the freestylers. I'm looking forward to racing them and seeing what kind of strategy I need to execute. It's the last meet before nationals, so I'm making sure I'm on the right path on the way to taper, which will start on May 8.

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