Fast Twitch -- Week 6 (Tuesday, April 17)

Tuesday a.m. with Ford Masters long course

500 warmup

2x250 IM on 3:40, #1 adding 50 of worst stroke, #2 adding 50 of best stroke

200 IM fast (I went about 90 percent effort: 2:41)

3x3x100 kick, descending the interval each round
(The leaders wore fins, so I pretty much did a 900 relaxed kick, mixing back and breast kick)

2x(4x50 IM order): fly and back on 1:00, breast on 1:05, free on :55
(I did backstroke for fly, and swam this relaxed instead of sprinting it as instructed.)

100 easy
Thursday p.m. long course

600 warmup

4x100 free on 1:40, descend to 1:10

Rack work: 4x15 on 1:00

100 breast kick fast, 100 swim easy (1:41)
75 breast kick fast, 75 swim/kick easy (1:14)
50 breast kick fast, 50 breast kick easy (:46)
25 breast kick fast, 25 breast kick easy (:21)

300 easy

4x50 kick with zoomers on 1:30
1&3: dolphin kick on back fast
2&4: flutter on back fast

200 easy

100 breast kick fast (1:40)

100 easy
It was interesting to do that main set kicking instead of swimming. I recovered a little faster, but it was hard to keep my kicking rate going as the set went on.

I thought I was going to go faster on the 100 kick at the end. I even think my 50 split was faster, but I couldn't keep it up.

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