Fast Twitch -- Week 5 (Tuesday, April 10)

Tuesday a.m. with Ford masters long course

300 warmup

6x150 on 2:45
1-2: 50 fly/50 back/25 breast/25 free
3-4: 25 fly/50 back/50 breast/25 free
5-6: 25 fly/25 back/50 breast/50 free

2x50 kick
2x100 kick
2x150 kick
2x100 kick
2x50 kick
(This was essentially a 900-meter straight set for me, because the guys using fins dictated the interval, as usual. And the effort was to get stronger as the set went on.)

8x50 on 1:00
(Odds were supposed to be 25 fast/25 easy; Evens 25 easy/25 fast. I just did them at about 90 percent effort for the whole 50 -- 4 back, 2 breast, 2 free)
This workout would have been great in short course yards, especially the first set. It would have allowed a lot of work on transitions. And it's hard to change speed from easy to fast in the middle of a 50-meter pool, so the last set would have been impossible to do correctly.

I felt a little better today. My breaststroke was feeling awful, which is a good sign.

I had to work tonight, so no evening workout. Everything shifts down a day.

There is no organized workout Saturday. I am looking for a public pool to swim in this weekend. A couple of them have starting blocks and backstroke flags, which I will need for the test sets I plan to do. I might actually swim in a short course pool for the remaining four Saturdays in the season (not counting the weekend of April 20, when I am at a swim meet). I'll need to do test sets in short course yards to work on the speed and stroke timing, which is slightly different in short course and long course races.

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