Fast Twitch -- Week 5 (Thursday, April 12)

I coached the evening Masters workout and swam my own workout afterward. In the interest of not tarnishing the sprint nature of this blog, I will not post the sets I gave for tonight's distance-oriented workout.

Also, Nike is here doing a photo shoot. That means the Nike starts of swimming are hanging out somewhere in Tucson as I write this. At the pool, I saw Jason Lezak, Maritza Correia and Whitney Myers. I heard Cullen Jones was supposed to be there, but he might have left early. Some of the other Nike swimmers -- Brendan Hansen, Aaron Piersol, Ben Wildman-Tobriner -- might be hanging out, too. The girls looked gorgeous. Jason looked tall. I was amazed they made it out of the pool without getting barraged. Or maybe they did the prerequisite autograph signing earlier in the day.

My partner asked me if I knew Jason, because we are the same age. I don't ever remember Jason and I being on the same national teams. I think he was on his way up when I was on my way out. I admire him and Neil Walker for being able to stay in the sport well into their 30s.

As I swam tonight's workout, I was thinking about the 26.02 50 free I did last night. Even fully out of shape, 30 pounds overweight and with a broken arm, Jason could still go faster than that.

Friday p.m. long course

8x100 free on 1:45
1-3: warmup
4-6: breathe every 3
7-8: breathe every 5

400 breast kick, descending by 100s (2:07, 2:03, 2:00, 1:55)

4x200 free pull on 3:10

8x50 free on 1:00
1-4, 5-8: descend down to two breaths per 50 (I could only get down to three per 50.)

4x100 free aerobic on 1:40

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