Fast Twitch -- Week 5 (Thursday, April 12)

Thursday p.m. long course

1-3: free on 1:45
4-7: 25 scull/25drill/25 kick/25 swim IM order :20 rest
8: IM

6x50 on 1:10
25 kick/25 swim: 2 back, 2 breast, 2 free

4x100 free descend on 1:45 (1:17, 1:13, 1:09, 1:06)

4x15 breakouts on 1:00

10x100 on 2:00
1: 50 fly/50 back fast (1:10)
2-3: easy
4: 50 back/50 breast fast (1:14)
5-6: easy
7: 50 breast/50 free (1:10)
8-9: easy
10: 100 back fast (1:07)

250 easy

Put on a Speedo brief and five minutes later:
50 free from a dive (26.02)
Like last night, I still felt kinda blah. I had hoped the first three 100s would be about three to five seconds faster. The 100 back was done on pure willpower, to keep my stroke rate up even though I was getting very tired.

As for the 50 free: My goal was to go under 26 seconds. I had originally planned to have more than five minutes rest after the warmdown from the main set, but I underestimated how long the workout would take. On the good side, the stroke felt good and the kick was very strong for the entire length. Swims like these at the end of workout are good ways to find out how tired you really are and how much more work needs to be done. I think my start needs work, but everything else seems to be falling into place.

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